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Case Study: Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic
Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic was using two clearinghouses when it realized it needed to transition to a single, web-based solution to help them improve efficiency, cash flow and revenue.
Waystar was able to help Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic streamline operations to ensure optimal business processes, especially since Waystar seamlessly integrated with their EHR solution.
Since implementing Waystar, Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic has been able to reduce denials, decrease days in A/R and increase month-to-month collections.
Case Study: Arizona Digestive Health
A large specialty practice with high claims volume and a decentralized billing model needed a clearinghouse solution to address its unique workflow needs across 27 locations.
Through Waystar, Arizona Digestive Health (ADH) has automated claims management, including submission, remittance, payment posting and denials management. Waystar also supports ADH’s decentralized billing model with a customized login that increases productivity and streamlines the user experience.
The ADH team has greatly reduced manual work spent on claims submission. Prior to Waystar, the team manually processed 25 percent of EOBs, and now this task is completely automated, resulting in fewer errors and increased efficiency.
Case Study: Columbia Gorge Family Medicine
Billing company relies on outbound phone calls and paper statements to collect 100 percent of self-pay dollars from one of its largest clients.
Waystar’s patient payment solution increases efficiency and provides automated payment plans, enabling staff to secure recurring payments until the balance is paid in full.
Since implementing scheduled budget payments, ATD has increased and expedited collections by 43 percent during the first five months.
Case Study: Doctors May Grant Associates
Non-centralized claims management processes with limited functionality hindered productivity and prevented the practice from achieving its interoperability goals.
With a complete suite of automated physician-centric revenue cycle management solutions from Waystar, Doctors May Grant’s accounts receivables processes are now fully automated – and integrated – for optimal financial performance.
Since implementing Waystar, productivity is up and rejections are down, resulting in improved cash flow and a healthier bottom line.
Case Study: Excel Eye Center
Excel Eye Center needed a claims clearinghouse that could help decrease days in A/R and streamline their revenue cycle management process to positively impact cash flow.
Waystar was able to meet Excel Eye Center’s needs by helping them implement a practice management system and a web-based clearinghouse that have both helped the group increase productivity and efficiency.
Since implementing Waystar’s technology, Excel Eye Center has faster, more accurate claims processing, increased staff productivity, and is getting paid faster.
Case Study: North Atlanta Primary Care
North Atlanta Primary Care (NAPC) needed a clearinghouse that was accessible when they had questions, and that would help manage rejected claims in a timely manner and speed claims turnaround. NAPC required a solution that could integrate with its existing practice management system and could handle a large volume of claims efficiently.
Waystar met all of NAPC’s needs, and provided a seamless transition.
After implementing Waystar, NAPC has seen a decrease in AR days and an increase in productivity.
Case Study: Northampton Area Pediatrics
Northampton used a clearinghouse for many years, but missing payer connectivity to key regional insurance carriers created inefficiencies and revenue cycle delays.
The practice switched to Waystar to gain optimal functionality through increased payer connectivity and automated functionality such as ERA and claims management.
Days in A/R have decreased by 15%, while increased payer connectivity and completely automated ERA have reduced manual work and optimized staff productivity.
Case Study: Reading Hospital Medical Group
The Reading Hospital Medical Group (TRHMG) needed robust revenue cycle management tools to improve its financial position in a depressed economy. The practice desired a clearinghouse with vigorous claims editing and reporting capabilities to combat high denial rates.
Waystar met TRHMG’s needs with real-time claims editing tools that ensure clean claims on initial submission, as well as dynamic reporting features that strengthen coding, billing and payer processes.
Since transitioning to Waystar, TRHMG has improved its initial claims acceptance rate, educated staff to prevent chronic coding errors, and recaptured revenue that had been inappropriately denied by payers.
Case Study: Rockford Orthopedics
With a growing practice and an increasing number of monthly claims submissions, Rockford Orthopedics needed a clearinghouse to help streamline operations, enhance efficiency and increase revenue.
Waystar was able to meet Rockford’s needs with a web-based clearinghouse that complemented their eClinicalWorks practice management system and provided automated eligibility verification.
Since transitioning to Waystar, Rockford Orthopedics has enjoyed higher office productivity, reduced rejections, and a more proactive approach to eligibility verification.
Case Study: Urology of Greater Atlanta
Like most physician practices, Urology of Greater Atlanta began seeing more patients enrolled in high-deductible health plans, making it increasingly necessary to capture patient financial responsibility quickly and cost-effectively.
Waystar’s patient payment solution facilitates the collection of co-pays, co-insurance, and unmet deductible by securely storing a patient’s debit/credit card information, charging the card once financial responsibility is determined, or facilitating automated payments plans as an alternative.
Initial results for Urology of Greater Atlanta are an 18 percent increase in surgery revenue and decreased collection costs.