Office Ally gives OfficeAlly a rating of 2 star, or Recommended.

What They Say About Themselves

OfficeAlly formed in California in 2000 and very quickly became one of the leading internet based health care EDI solution providers. They are very low cost and have a very strong vision statements for the healthcare industry. They operate in every state. works with a large number of medical claim clearinghouses and we receive feedback from countless medical billers, office managers, and physicians on a regular basis. What medical billers say about OfficeAlly is mixed and barely recommended. gives OfficeAlly a rating of 2 star, or Recommended.

On 2014-04-28 16:11:50.406410
by Christine Wilke

I love Office Ally.I have used other systems before and this is the best. The tech support is very knowledgable and helpful. Others have been very hard to work with and had sub par support. I researched many before choosing OA and I am very glad I did. Im a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and do all my own billing so this has made my work a lot easier..

On 2014-03-20 22:03:00.544350
by DrJAC

I’ve been using Office Ally Practice Mate and EHR ($30/month) for about 2 months in my chiropractic office. Thus far, I’ve been very pleased. Their fees are affordable and their unlimited technical support system is terrific. As with most software, there is a learning curve (which is where the tech support definitely helps). My e-claims are being processed in a very timely manner. They’ve also been very helpful for Meaningful Use requirements. I feel comfortable in recommending them.

On 2014-01-27 19:07:22.257730
by Dinesh P

also giving rating 2…..




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