Why the Medical Claim Appeal Process Doesn’t Have to be a Tedious One for Your Medical Practice!

Claim.MD 04/24/2023 Medical claim denials continue to be a pain point for many providers. This is especially the case for practice managers who work tirelessly to ensure claims are processed and approved so the patients seeking care can get the treatment they need. Let’s also not forget about the financial ramifications unpaid claims have on … Read more

Better Claims Software Can Bring Workflow Efficiencies

Claim.MD 03/22/2023 While the patient is definitely at the center of the care experience, it often doesn’t seem that way for clinicians and office staff. Dealing with prior authorizations, phone calls, claim rejections, job turnover, and delayed reimbursements takes valuable time away from the central mission of patient care. Asked about the greatest challenge facing … Read more

How Automation in Your Clearinghouse Makes Life Easier

According to eSolutions, automation is important in a claims clearinghouse because it adds intelligence and agility to claims submission process and revenue cycle — “This equals less stress for your team, and improved reimbursements.” Providers that use Electric Data Interchange (EDI) will streamline processes, find missing revenue, improve cash flow, and so much more. “The … Read more

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