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MD-Online is aware of the current times; earth-concious and promoting the paperless way saving your business money. MD-Online has an impressive mission statement with trustworthy and professional employees that bring user friendly solutions to the office. They are dedicated to the healthcare industry. works with a large number of medical claim clearinghouses and we receive feedback from countless medical billers, office managers, and physicians on a regular basis. What medical billers say about them is mixed (see comments below). gives MD-Online a rating of 2 stars, or Barely Recommended.


On 2014-04-25 17:57:20.686580
by NIchole

I had the pleasure to work with this clearinghouse for a total of 66 days. When first signing on I was told that they were integrated with Optimis PT/Duxware Practice which they are not and that I had a 90 day trial which was not true either.

There is no communication between the companies. I was unable to load an ERA from MD Online to the practice management system. When addressed with MD Online I was told they only have one format and I need to address Duxware. I speak with Duxware who states its a formatting problem and I need to speak to MD Online. I was unable to fix the issue and have to manually enter all information.

I terminated my contract on day 66 to find out that there was no trial period and I will be responsible for an additional 90 days of service, even though claims are not being filed and ERA’s are no longer being processed with them. . I was told that I should be lucky they are only charging me for an additional 3 months and not 12 months.

Do not trust this entity, make them put everything in writing that they agree upon before signing up, otherwise they will not uphold their promises.

I highly recommend using another clearinghouse such as Gateway or Zirmed, they provide much better support and are willing to work with you to make your business run smoother and more productive.

On 2013-08-19 13:05:28.528000
by Anonymous


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  1. Dan Go

    Beware of evasive and manipulative customer service practices by MD Online (now owned by Ability). After a nonspecific reference to a “price adjustment” in December 2014, monthly rates for my service plan were raised by 38% in Feb. The website indicated in it’s FAQ’s section that a customer decision to terminate required 3 months advance notice (not indicated on the contract). Now they won’t return a week of phone calls to acknowledge my choice to terminate. I have spoken to 4 different representatives who all claim that they know nothing about termination. Similar to cable and cellphone companies, they make different offers to new customers and try to hold faithful customers to vague contracts with no expiration dates, and shift calls from customer service to sales. and the New Jersey Attorney General needs to be aware of this company. Noticed the change effective with Ability ownership. MD Online clearinghouse has changed for the worse.

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