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eSolutions’ clearinghouse, which you may know as ClaimRemedi, has unmatched advanced features for a complete claims solution that does the heavy lifting. Nearly 95,000 providers count on eSolutions because they simply get more – more payer connections and powerful capabilities. This means more money, faster and with less hassle.

eSolutions has powerful eligibility features that set its clearinghouse apart. Every successful claim begins with solid eligibility information, and the eSolutions team believes you can do better when it comes to eligibility.
Thanks to direct connections to more than 5,500 payer portals, eSolutions’ clearinghouse verifies eligibility for commercial payers, Medicare and Medicaid with the fastest in-depth eligibility response available. By connecting directly to payer websites, our exclusive technology electronically retrieves comprehensive patient data in seconds. This means you get complete benefit details upfront and can verify coverage within seconds, reducing eligibility-related denials.
Trust eSolutions to deliver the best eligibility information every time, for every claim.


eSolutions integrates seamlessly with nearly any practice management system and has proven partnerships with many of the industry’s most trusted practice management system vendors.

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Results You’ll Love
* Reduced denials
* Increased revenue and cash flow
* Improved workflows
* Submit and manage claims in one spot

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Not sure about switching clearinghouses?

Download eSolutions’ Guide to Switching Clearinghouses to learn step-by-step how to switch so your revenue stays intact.

LEARN MORE HERE receives feedback from a large number of medical billers, office and billing managers, and physicians on a regular basis. What medical billing staff have to say about eSolutions is ‘highly recommended’. gives eSolutions a rating of 4 stars or  ****Highly Recommended.

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  1. I am looking for a cost effective, reliable, HIPAA compliant, EDI clearinghouse for cms-1500 form billing of multiple clients with multiple state. I would like to know your pricing. If you have a monthly charge, please tell me what it is. If you charge per claim, I would like to know that fee. Feel free to email me

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