What They Say About Themselves

ENS Health/Ingenix solves problems and serves markets comprehensively and innovatively with the overall goal being to tranform the health care system; real change. Their bi-monthly news email they send to users and partners soley based on healthcare, bringing awareness in ideas and productcs while connecting thousands of people nationally. ENS/Ingenix reports having one of the lowest claim denial rates.

ClearingHouses.org works with a large number of medical claim clearinghouses and we receive feedback from countless medical billers, office managers, and physicians on a continual basis. What medical billers say about ENS Health is recommended.


ClearingHouses.org gives ENS Health a rating of 2 stars, or Recommended.


By Sherry, on 2014-07-30

None of our claims have gone through for 2 weeks. Cannot get anybody to help solve problem. Getting conflicting stories from everyone we speak to.

By Dawn, on 2013-10-17

Was on hold for 14 min! Cant reach anyone…want to set up a new account as a medical biller, but cant reach them.