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Claim.MD has been a leading EDI clearinghouse for more than 40 years, processing tens of millions of transactions every month. The web-based medical claims clearinghouse manages every aspect of the revenue cycle including claims management, eligibility, and electronic remittance advice (ERAs). This system is compatible with almost all billing systems and makes even older billing software 5010 compliant.

With Claim.MD, providers enjoy increased cash flow by streamlining their electronic transactions. This not only provides complete control over claims from filing to payment, it reduces costly staff time to research and correct rejected claims. When claim follow-up with a payer is necessary, Claim.MD simplifies the process with a complete and readable Claim History that can be printed for proof of timely filing. And when claims are rejected, that’s when Claim.MD really shines – managing the return process, speeding payment, and eliminating the confusion of re-billing.

– Claim Management Tool

“We’ve never seen an easier claim management system; the unique claim management tools in this clearinghouse identify claims that need corrections, allow you to fix them online in real time, and even identify the most likely causes of payer rejections.”


Electronic Remittance Advice tools let you easily download ERA in spreadsheet form and PDF. Remits are archived for several years so users always have access to them.

– Eligibility

Real-time eligibility is available for hundreds of payers.

– Easy Appeal tool

From any claim you can download, a PDF-appeal packet is created with everything you need for an appeal. Includes CMS-1500, UB form, complete claim history, remittance advice, and appeal request form.

– Excellent support

Support is requested online with a single click from any claim, but phone support is also available. Claim.MD has been in the business for more than 30 years and providers love the support they receive.

– Fastest Claim Transmits

Many clearinghouses don’t actually send your claims to the payer until that evening or the next day. But with Claim.MD, payers acknowledge receiving claims in just a few minutes. This is the closest thing to true real-time claims in the industry.

– Secure

Claim.MD ensures safe and secure transactions between providers and payers through EHNAC accreditation, CAQH CORE certification and SOC 2 certification.

– Pricing

Remarkably, all these services cover an entire practice for $99.95/mo. There are no per-provider fees. There are some additional fees to have multiple billers in the system, but they’re still easily one of the lowest-priced clearinghouses available.

[More Information] [Request a Demo] works with a large number of medical claim clearinghouses and we receive feedback from medical billers, office and billing managers, and physicians on a continual basis. What medical billers say about Claim.MD is highly recommended. gives Claim.MD a rating of 4 stars, or ****Highly Recommended.

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We have had a very successful medical practice in West Texas for many years. A large part of that success had been as a result of making Claim.MD a part of our practice. In all that time I have never had a problem that Claim.MD could not solve for us. I have yet to find a payor that we could not use with Claim.MD. We have very OLD software and instead of trying to sell me new software Claim.MD was able to adjust their program and accept our software and file our claims. When the HIC 1500 claim format was changed Claim.MD did all the work and we didn’t have to do anything. On a previous format change on the 1500s (prior to Claim.MD) I had to pay a lot to have my program changed. I was worried to death about the ICD10 changes but Claim.MD has made changes in their program and set up our HIC 1500s for the ICD10 without any work on our part or without any additional charge. The response time on “Get Help” is very fast and usually you can talk directly with the programmer so there is no confusion about your problems. We have used Claim.MD for 10+ years and through all of that time they have been more than fair with their charges, always offered more than we were expecting, and on the ICD10 problems they really came through for us. I can’t begin to calculate the amount of money they saved us on the ICD10 programming alone. With the climate in medicine today we need all the help we can get to deal with the insurance companies who have one goal, not to pay claims. I recommend you give Claim.MD a chance. You won’t be sorry.”

We love Claim.MD! Our office has used two of the big clearinghouses and had issues with both. We are now getting paid twice as fast with Claim.MD. In addition, the cost and service being fabulous!”

During my years in private practice, I have used a number of different clearing houses. None of them come close to the ease of use and prompt, friendly, personal assistance that I get from Claim.MD! So glad I found them!”

Our office has been using Claim.MD for quite a while now. I, personally, have just started being involved with the whole process. Everyone at Claim.MD has been most helpful. They have always resolved my issues and their explanations have been very helpful. Thanks so much for being a great clearinghouse and I look forward to continuing our relationship.”

I have used and changed several different providers large and small to Claim.MD since 1998. They continue to provide the best overall product available in the United States period. They have great people who provide the best customer service daily if you ever have questions cause the website is just so darn easy my grandkids could use it. They can provide eobs, reports, non remit notices, etc. These guys provide exceptional services and can answer questions regarding all revenue cycle issues even those they do not do for you. I would never use any other clearinghouse and recommend them to all my clients. If you have not tried the Demo, you must. Once you change over you will wonder why you never had before. The price for what they provide is insane, they have got it down to a science and they do not goughe you for rate increases every time the wind blows. You know I love you guys and it is time the World gets the chance to know you. Good luck as always.”

My clients have been using Claim.MD for years and I can comment that without doubt, it is the best clearinghouse option on the market today. Not only has Claim.MD evolved with new and useful enhancements, they are constantly updating and meeting the challenges of healthcare reform. The most outstanding feature is that it is compatible with nearly every EMR/EHR product and clients are saving hundreds of dollars every month compared to other clearinghouse subscriptions. ClaimMD surpasses a 4 star rating when it comes to Support – nearly 24/7 and located in the US with individualized attention to their clients requests. If you are looking for a healthcare “partner” that is as concerned about your revenues as you are, talk to Claim.MD – it is a step into the future for your Practice!”




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