Claim.MD Unveils Rapid Onboarding Program for Health


Claim.MD, a leading electronic data interchange (EDI) clearinghouse, announced the launch of its Rapid Onboarding Program on March 21, 2024, aimed at helping healthcare providers quickly transition to a new medical clearinghouse amidst recent industry disruptions, such as cyberattacks on major clearinghouses. The program, designed to support facilities of all sizes by enabling billing to commence in as few as 15 minutes (Medicare enrollments take 3-4 days to process.), is part of Claim.MD’s effort to mitigate the impact of revenue cycle disruptions on healthcare providers’ cash flow and operations. It features a self-guided onboarding process, resources like a Quick Start Guide with videos and tutorials, and streamlined payer enrollments, backed by Claim.MD’s extensive certifications in security and compliance, including HITRUST, DirectTrust, and others, ensuring a secure and efficient process for managing electronic medical claim transactions.


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