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Availity Revenue Cycle Management goes beyond conventional claims clearinghouses and uses smart technology and an intuitive interface to help you receive payments faster while reducing the administrative burden on your office staff. With powerful reporting and intelligent analytics that pinpoint trends affecting your revenue cycle, you can dramatically reduce your accounts receivable and improve cash flow so you can operate a healthy business.


Whether you are a hospital, medical practice, health system, or billing service, Revenue Cycle Management can help standardize, streamline and automate tasks related to:
– Patient access
– Billing and collections
– Claim tracking and rework
– Payment posting




  1. Sherri

    I noticed you did not have a rating on Availity. Is that something you can share. We currently use Availity and I’m curious to see how it works for other business’.

  2. Availity is an incompetent and has zero communication from representative to representative. They never get anything done and treat people terrible.

  3. Hello, I am searching for ratings about availity, too, because we are in Everett, WA State and TRYING to start using them.

    However, the service-access for DENTAL is atrocious! We cannot get a User Name and Password that actually work consistently. And we cannot speak to a live person who is willing or able to help us. Plus we have been actually Hung-Up on 5 times on the telephone!

    Do you — or anyone else — have any tips on how to make Availity “Available for Service?? (LOL – except we are actually crying.) -Front Desk/Insurance for Dr Kathy, DDS.

  4. TMarshall

    Cannot believe one of the biggest insurance companies ie BCBS uses this program.
    Takes forever to input one claim and then it goes down or gets lost in the Availity black hole. Please BCBS find another processing company!

  5. Alla

    Availity which is now aquered mdol is awful. No alive person to get in touch with. After 50 minutes waiting time on the phone, I hang up. Emails without any responses from Availity for month already, although website claims it will be answered within 1 business day. I can’t wait to end my contract and chose reliable clearinghouse.

  6. Anita

    Awful. If you can use another, do it. Holding a large check and cant find who’s account to credit it to. NOT user friendly AT ALL!

    Input all info (very basic) that was on payment summary. (why not just add a name?) No payment found on the website.. sent a message to customer service but of course they are closed.

    Also have had claims vanish into thin air, they just delete off the site after saying “routed to payor”. No idea what the status is. Also get rejected claims when a patient is fully covered and they tell me to re-submit….a waste of time but have
    to keep doing it since its the only way to HOPEFULLY get paid one day.


    i do not understand what is the purpose of “availity”.
    On what (dental) administrative problem are they trying to improve?
    I have been practicing dentistry for over 40 years,
    and this “Availity” service seems to come along to make things more confusing.

  8. Ann

    Availity is not user friendly. They do not offer customer service. Computer generated responses to email inquiries for assistance fail to adequately address or “fix” the issues raised by the health care provider.

    Availity frequently sends out computer generated emails requesting updated provider directory info….but fail to make the link directly to the provider directory where they seek the info. It is unclear where to go to make the changes they request.

    Availity is a time-consuming tool. Very frustrating

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