How will ICD-10 affect your practice?


1. Do you need new forms?

– If so, this may be the perfect opportunity to go electronic.

– For some practices software costs could be offset by no longer needing to purchase forms.

2. Are your existing software systems ready?

– Some offices have as many as 5 different software systems ranging from scheduling, to billing, and clinical.
Which one’s need upgrades?

-Is it time to switch to an All-in-one system?

3. Do you need a Clearinghouse?

Why choose a Clearinghouse?

-Is it time to switch clearinghouses?

-Have you contacted your existing clearinghouse to see how they have prepared and what ICD-10 testing/support they offer?

-Have you updated all your contracts?

4. Can you generate and submit an ICD-10 claim?

5. Do you need access to ICD-10 codes?

-Does your software vendor include ICD-10 in their system?

6. Do you need Code Training?

7. Do you know the ICD-10 code/family for the top 20 conditions you treat?